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How to Send a Great Pre-Christmas Email

Haven’t seen a few parishioners in a while? Or know a few people in your community that you’d love to welcome in? A warm invitation might be just what they are looking to receive. Here are a few key parts to an email that can make all the difference.

Clarify why this is important.

A good email sent before Christmas can go a long way in making someone feel welcomed at your Christmas mass. When people feel like they are seen and known enough for someone from their parish to reach out with an invitation, they become more open to what it is you have to offer. The goal of our pre-Christmas communication should be to help our parishioners and guests feel welcomed and noticed when they show up on December 25th and hopefully start to journey with them in their unique faith journey.

Create email lists for different groups.

The more focused and specific we can be when we create email lists, the more personalized the email will feel to the receiver. Try adapting the email template slightly to different groups of people. If you’re going to offer children’s liturgy during your Christmas mass, try a targeted email list for parents of young children, emphasizing the special way children will be able to participate. Here’s an article on how to do that in Tilma.

Write a clear subject line that speaks to felt needs.

When you write your subject line, be clear and to the point. Try to aim your subject line at “felt needs.”  A felt need is any pain point or struggle that a person has deemed important in their life. Ask yourself “what pain might parishioners be feeling that we can help meet at Christmas mass this year?”

Write like this:

Will you join our parish this Christmas?

Not like this:

Christmas mass coming up - please register

Write like you would talk in person.

Try to take on a friendly and welcoming tone in your pre-Christmas communication. The language we use in promotion shapes how people perceive the actual event. If you use warm and personal language in your email, people will understand Christmas mass as a warm and personal event.

Write like this: 

We’re so excited to see you this Christmas! It’s a really special time for our parish and we’re so glad to have you be a part of it.

Not like this

All parishioners are invited to join us for our Christmas celebration. We have multiple masses planned and all are welcome to attend.

Be clear about what they’ll experience.

Your description should paint a picture of what people will experience. Speak to their felt needs and tell them the value they’ll walk away with. Ask yourself what will make this Christmas so engaging. What will it be like? What opportunities do you have outside of mass that people might be interested in (e.g. childcare and children’s liturgy, fellowship after mass, Christmas dinner, etc.)? 

Write like this:

What: Christmas Mass and Celebration 2021

When: December 24th and 25th (click here for mass times)

Where: (Parish address)

Not like this:

Christmas mass at (parish address). Mass times can be found on the parish website.

Email Template

Will you join our parish this Christmas?

Christmas is right around the corner and we would love you to join. It’s a really special time for us and we hope you’ll consider celebrating with us.

We wanted to make sure you have a fantastic experience at Christmas mass so here are a few things for you to know ahead of time:

  • There will be children’s liturgy for all little ones aged 3 to 9 at the 5pm Christmas Eve mass and the 9am Christmas morning mass
  • Christmas cookies and hot chocolate will be available after mass in the parish hall
  • Mass times and registration can be found here
  • To make sure everyone stays healthy and safe, we are asking for everyone to register beforehand so we can ensure we adhere to physical distancing and capacity limits

We hope to see you there

God Bless & Merry Christmas, 

The *Parish Name* Family

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