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Sending a Great Follow Up Email Post-Christmas

Why do we need to follow up?

Small touch points with parishioners can make a huge difference. Just like it means a lot when a friend says a text that they are thinking of you, these gestures are really impactful on people to know you are thinking of them. Even more if you have newcomers at Mass.

Holidays are an opportunity to connect with people who wouldn’t normally come to Mass. This is a big part of why we tried to collect email addresses using our engagement form. It helps create the doorway for relationships. 

So let’s say someone fills out the engagement form and they aren’t a regular mass attender or a parishioner who has been disengaged for a while. What do you say to them? How can we make a difference with this small window of opportunity? 

Check out the template we’ve provided below.

Subject Line: Hi there! It was great to see you at mass. 

Hi *Name*

Thank you for joining us for Mass this Christmas! We were so glad you could join us. 

I just want to reach out and let you know myself and our community is here if you need anything. I would love to connect with you again this Christmas season or in the New Year.*

Of course, I would also love to see you at Mass again this upcoming Sunday. You can find out Mass Times (link here).

I love that this season of Christmas reminds me that Jesus can come into any place or circumstance—no matter where we’re at in life. If you’ve been feeling distant from Jesus, or have been walking through a challenging situation, here are a few of my favourite articles these days. 

I am really looking forward to talking with you more! You can find my office times here (link). 

God Bless and Merry Christmas, 

(Pastor Name)

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