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Setting Up Your Tilma Site for Christmas

We know how busy things are when you work at a parish around Christmas. Masses to prepare for, phone calls about when Mass times are, and a whole lot of volunteers to coordinate. So we've done some of the work to help you get set up for welcoming and effective communication during Christmas.

We’ve set our demo site up for Christmas to give you a guideline on how to set up your website. You can copy and paste text, put things in the same places we did, and download the images we used. 

Check out the Christmas Demo Site here: https://demo-parish.tilmaplatform.com

Create a mass times announcement.

7 minutes

We like to put our Christmas Mass Times in an announcement and pin it to the homepage! You can view our announcement here and check out a video about how to create announcements here

Create an engagement form to collect emails.

10 minutes

This is a great opportunity to collect email addresses of people who might not regularly attend Mass. This will allow us to engage with these people after Christmas! You can see our form here and check out how to create a form here

Bring some Christmas into your home page header. 

15 minutes

There’s something about things looking and feeling like Christmas. That’s why we’ve changed our header to collage 2 and added Christmas photos. Find a refresher on editing your header here, and the photos we used (free to download) here. 

Put your Christmas mass times in the ‘Featured Spot’.

5 minutes

We want to make sure our Christmas Mass times are easy to find! That’s why we like putting them in multiple places on our homepage. We’ve already pinned our announcement, and now we want to add it to the featured spot. Click here for instructions.

Add a link from your mass times page.

5 minutes 

We want to bring everyone to our Mass Times Announcement Page to give people a chance to fill out our engagement form but we still know people will end up on our Mass Times page. So, we’re going to add a button to link them to the announcement page. Use the quick insert tool to add a button and link it to your announcement page.

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