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What is Tilma?

We all have a reason we got into ministry. 

Some of us were called into it as a vocation. 

Some of us started helping out when we were young. Church was our community and so we began volunteering more and more and eventually found our place on staff. 

Some of us were using our skills in the corporate world only to one day wake up and feel the pull to bring those gifts back to the Church. 

Some of us were called to specific ministries, whether that is evangelization, administration, family life, etc. 

It may look a little different on the outside but we are all showing up so that more people can be loved and loved well. The same goes with Tilma. 

We woke up over ten years ago and realized we had skills that could greatly benefit the Church and our heart was that more people would experience Jesus in a real way. Tilma is not a tool or software to make your work easier but a spiritual engagement platform that uses tools, and eliminates the barriers that can come with tools, to do this well. 

How? Let’s break it down. 

We often hear from parishes that some of their biggest pains are being able to engage parishioners outside of Sunday Mass, staying on top of digital communication, tedious administration tasks, having to update parishioners information in several different tools, creating more unified efforts between the different ministries… The list goes on. 

These are real problems to fix because they become barriers to doing ministry well and engaging parishioners. Tilma creates solutions to these through things like our people database, website builder, event pages and registration, giving tools, email, and more. 

We built Tilma from the ground up for the Catholic Church, made it usable by any skill-level, have unlimited email and people with no extra charge, and so much more with the end goal that you as a ministry team are unlocked to engage people at a deeper, more meaningful level.

So what does this look like in the everyday?

Everything we do is to help you engage people better. Here are some things we can specifically help do.

  • Saves you time & money because you’re paying for one tool vs. multiple (or free if you use Tilma Giving)
  • Helps you better know where parishioners are in their unique faith journey
  • Encourages more giving 
  • Helps you engage parishioners outside of Sunday Mass
  • Simplifies and streamlines administration work (Which frees your team up to do more ministry)
  • Brings all your efforts together and creates more ministry unity
  • Free when you use Tilma Giving!

All of this is possible because Tilma brings all your tools into one place (and we can even help you integrate other tools into the platform). Whether using our tools or using them alongside other 3rd party ones, bringing your management all together is what creates so much ease and efficiency. 

But what makes Tilma really stand out is how it helps create an irresistible parish.

As ministry people, we didn’t want our tools to just be really user-friendly or efficient. We built them through the lens of, how do we make this as impactful as possible for ministry teams? 

Pastors can know their parishioners better to help accompany them in their faith journey. Ministry leaders can get more freedom to connect with their teams. Parishioners can get connected to ministries and content relevant to their unique faith journey. Tilma is made to help relationships thrive between one another and God. 

And when relationships are thriving and people understand where they belong in your parish community and as a child of God, others are drawn in. That freedom, connection, and purpose that defines your community becomes attractive to the outside world who are all looking for a place to belong.

We would love to talk to you about how Tilma could help your parish. Schedule a call with our team here or get started by booking a free 30-day trial.

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