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Frequently Asked Questions

I don't want to lose donors by switching my giving tool. How can you help?
We can reach out to your current processor and help migrate seamlessly, or we can just set it up for future gifts moving forward and ease into it over time.
This sounds like a lot of work. Do you have a simpler solution?
It's actually really easy and we can help you get set up for a small price. If you want to know more about these options, just get in touch and we'd be happy to talk it through.
How do I help onboard my team to Tilma?
Tilma training is always included in our setup. We can help you make the right permissions and help show your team how they can benefit from each tool. We can also help roll out the adoption of Tilma to make it easier on your team.
Can you help me get approval in my Diocese?
We would love to help. Contact our team and we can talk more about the power of a diocesan model or getting endorsement from your diocese.‍
What if I just built a new website?
No problem. We appreciate that you may have just invested in a system. Using our website tool; we are confident that the investment you have already put in would not be wasted on this new more integrated site. Set up a phone call here and we can talk about your options.‍
Do I need to use all of the tools?
Our model is about starting where you need and scaling as you go. While you will always have access to all the tools, you can pick and choose which ones you want to utilize.‍


How are you able to provide Tilma Parish for such a low cost?
We worked hard to find a pricing model that didn't limit parishes based on their financial situation. By partnering with a great payment processor, we are able to take part in the regular processing fees so we get a percentage of revenue while still giving you an ethical and manageable giving option. Since we are able to fund our ongoing development and support of the Tilma platform through payment fees, we are able to waive monthly license fees if you process more than $150,000 USD/year. We've even provided your parish with the option to pass these standard giving fees onto the donor. We wanted to make your success, our success and our giving tool is the primary way was we accomplish this. We've also seen a huge increase in parishes using our giving tool because of its ease, safety, and control for the parishioners. You get what you need now with the freedom to grow and access new upgrades as long as you're on Tilma (and without us having to shut off the lights).
Why do we need to charge transaction fees?
Transaction fees are standard for all giving platforms and rates will vary from partner to partner. Our rate structure and payment processing partner allows us to give you Tilma Parish for free when you process more than $150,000 USD/year through Tilma Pay. If you would like a more competitive rate, you can choose a rate that better meets your parishes needs and pay a simple monthly fee for your usage of Tilma Parish.
How can Tilma can save me money on parish tools?
Typically parishes have been potentially paying thousands of dollars per year for their current solutions yet when they compare features, Tilma does most of what they need. With Tilma, you reduce your regular costs of multiple tools to instead, paying for just one. Plus, there are options to use Tilma for free when your parish processes more than $150,000 USD/year. Depending on the current tools that your parish is using, by switching to Tilma Parish you can potentially save hundreds of dollars a month.
What happens if my parishioners won't use the giving tool?
We can help! Our creative and marketing team can offer assets and strategies to help you run a parishioner's onboarding campaign. This will help inform and excite your parishioners about using their Tilma profile. Your parish would need to process at least $150,000 USD/year through Tilma Pay. Otherwise, you can use Tilma with a monthly license fee.
What kind of contract am I signing?
By using the platform, you agree to our terms and policies. If using Tilma Giving, you will have to enter into a merchant agreement with Clearly Payments as a Canadian Parish and Qualpay as a U.S. parish.
How can I get the best giving rate?
If you're looking for a better giving rate, no problem. You can explore them on our pricing page.
Will my fees go up the more I use Tilma?
By bringing these tools together and never having to pay for the number of emails you send or people in your database, this keeps your expenses predictable.
Why is this so expensive? Do you offer discounts?
Occasionally we’ll have a parish ask us why our pricing is the way it is or if there are discounts available. We don't offer any discounts but we do have the Free option in our pricing when you use the Tilma giving tool. While we certainly don’t blame anyone for asking, we don’t offer discounts because ultimately our goal is to provide an amazing platform for the Church to do effective ministry, not to be the second-rate cheaper product sitting on a shelf. Doing great ministry requires a lot of work and resources, and we've tried our best to absorb those costs so parishes can do more with the resources they have. Our pricing structure also allows us to provide your parish with continued updates, incredible customer support and a solid technical infrastructure.‍‍
Why is my cost so high as a large parish?
Large parishes often have the financial means that a lot of smaller parishes don't and we really wanted to make Tilma available to everyone. We've structured it so large parishes can help support smaller parishes by holding a bigger load of building and maintaining Tilma. If the large parish rate really doesn't work for your specific situation, we can talk about alternative options.‍ And you can always consider using TIlma Pay to bring your cost down.
What does it mean to use Tilma giving?
To use Tilma giving means to actively engage your parishioners in using this tool for parish giving. We also ask that you make an active effort in promoting a culture of giving in your parish. We would need your parish to process at least $150,000 USD/year through Tilma Pay. If we do notice that giving is lower or out of character, we will give you a call to talk about some ideas on how to inspire and engage parishioners. We understand every parish situation is different. If you are a smaller parish that doesn't bring in a lot of giving, you can choose to pay a monthly license fee instead.

Ongoing Support

How do I keep making the most out of Tilma the more I get into the tool?
Check out our Resources section and Knowledge Base to see the best ways to utilize tools and their features. We are always updating it with new videos and articles (and let us know if there is something you don't see but want to learn more about). You can also follow our social platforms where we explore all these topics and how other parishes are using their tools.‍
Do I get upgrades and new products as you continue to work on the tool?
Definitely. Your original purchase with TIlma includes new updates, tools, and features that get developed down the road. We have a full-time team of ministry, marketing, and tech experts who are continually innovating on our features and developing better ways for you to manage your parish needs. In fact, if you have any cool ideas for Tilma, let us know. We will add it to the roadmap!
Do you offer ongoing support?
Most of the time, you probably won’t need our help, but when you do, we have people on our team dedicated to your success. We also have the Knowledge Base, and Tilma Academy which is packed with information on how to get started in each tool, navigate the different features, and get the most out of your suite.

Data Migration

What exactly is required of me in Data Migration?
The first step is identifying where your data currently exists. We'll walk you through exporting it and a tool to send it to our team where we'll begin preparing the data. We will clean up data and work closely with you to validate anything more subjective, like merging duplicate people. Once everything is verified, we import it into your Tilma tool.
I just went through a painful data migration, why will this be different?
At Tilma, we do the heavy lifting of extracting all your data and putting it into your new tools. Also, we have a great feature that helps unite duplicated or fractured data. We'd love to talk more about it with you. Schedule a call with us here.‍
How do I get started on Data Migration?
Send us an email with the current tools you are using and the size of your parish. Then we'll walk you through exporting out of your current system and bringing them into Tilma where we can help you clean up your data.

Diocesan Solution

How would it impact my parish if the Diocese got onto Tilma?
Tilma is actually built to be an ecosystem within a Diocese. One of the biggest benefits is access to content from parishes across the diocese and ability to share it within the Diocese. You become more unified and on mission together. You also get access to discipleship and evangelization resources that help create more pathways to ministry opportunities in your parish and across your diocese. Learn more about Tilma for Diocese here.‍
What is the Diocesan solution?
The Diocesan solution is the Tilma suite of tools at their best. It comes with the Parish tool, Diocesan site, evangelization and discipleship resources, and a Mass Finder. You can learn more about it here.‍

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