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Insights That Actually Help Ministry Decisions
Because of the unity of the tool and the depth of data, ministries are able to really know where their people are at and leverage technology to serve people better.
Hard to Beat Pricing
We do everything we can to make the tool as affordable as possible so that cost never hinders a ministry's potential.
It’s Always Getting Better
Tilma has a full-time team dedicated to keeping the tool improving and updating which means you won't have to worry about replacing this down the road.
Extensive Tilma Content Library
Get great articles, videos, and podcasts for your parishioners from trusted Catholic sources like Ascension Presents, Abiding Together, Busted Halo, and Tilma's original content.
Just Plain Easier
While it may be hard to imagine right now, having everything you need at your fingertips is both possible and easier in every way.
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Make It Your Own
Personalize your tools, messaging, website and more to make it feel like your unique community. Plus, there's no extra charges.

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